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We are water resource specialists

Where do you turn for technical expertise when you’re charged with protecting and restoring our nation’s valuable water resources? You turn to the team whose singular business focus is providing that support to state and federal agencies.

At PG, we’re personally and professionally committed to providing high-quality regulatory development, water quality assessment, permitting, compliance, enforcement, and infrastructure support. And we have a track record—and a long list of satisfied clients—to back that up.

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Municipal Stormwater Training Forums

U.S. EPA Region 3

Services: Training

EPA R3 stormwater training

Continuously since 2008, PG has supported U.S. EPA Region 3 inspectors in assessing compliance of municipal separate storm sewer system programs in the region, primarily Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Recently, U.S. EPA Region 3 enhanced its compliance efforts by providing MS4 permittees with complementary training and idea-sharing opportunities. We worked with the U.S. EPA, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and Maryland Department of the Environment to coordinate and facilitate two MS4 training forums (including classroom and field sessions) for MS4 permittees in Virginia and Maryland. The training forums, held in 2015, collectively included more than 250 trainees comprising representatives from approximately 120 MS4 permittees.

NPDES Permits

U.S. EPA Regions and Multiple States

Services: NPDES Permitting

Scenic plant overlook in Fort Bragg, CA.

For over a decade, PG experts have supported U.S. EPA and states in tackling their often daunting NPDES program requirements under the Clean Water Act. We have prepared hundreds of legally defensible NPDES permits (both individual and general) spanning all types of regulated discharges (e.g., industrial/commercial wastewater, POTWs, industrial/construction stormwater, MS4s, CAFOs, vessels, SSOs, and CSOs), as well as general permits for many point source categories to help reduce permit backlog. Our NPDES permitting team has also developed innovative methods, tools, and guidance to support the U.S. EPA and states in optimizing NPDES program efficiency so they can better leverage their internal resources.

NPDES Inspections

U.S. EPA Regions and Multiple States

Services: Compliance

Danny O with the QuickView Camera controls at PVSC

PG staff have unparalleled experience, having conducted thousands of NPDES inspections across the U.S. at facilities of varying types and sizes—from small construction sites, to the largest POTWs in the country, to complex industrial and manufacturing facilities. We are well-versed in both wastewater and stormwater collection, conveyance, and treatment systems, as well as their associated data management and assessment tools and technologies. Also, having conducted hundreds of MS4 inspections of both traditional and non-traditional programs throughout the U.S., our team is keenly aware of the current state of the MS4 landscape and dischargers’ ability to achieve the MEP standard.

National Aquatic Resources Survey

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Services: Ecological Services

Longear Sunfish in Texas, NRSA site TXRF-003

Continuously since 2012, PG has supported the U.S. EPA’s National Aquatic Resources Survey (NARS) in monitoring the health of our nation’s water resources. We provide broad-based technical support for three NAR’s assessments: the National Rivers and Streams Assessment (NRSA), the National Wetlands Condition Assessment (NWCA), and the National Coastal Condition Assessment (NCCA). Our work includes coordinating the complex logistics involved; mobilizing field teams to conduct sampling activities at hundreds of stream, wetland, and coastal locations across the U.S.; and coordinating with laboratories to ensure that samples are correctly processed.

MS4 Audits

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Services: Compliance


PG Environmental is a recognized national leader in the MS4 field and its extensive experience auditing MS4 programs is unsurpassed. PG has conducted more than 200 audits of traditional and non-traditional MS4 programs. It has the necessary technical expertise to support Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) implementation of its regulatory compliance programs; specifically providing oversight of its Phase I and Phase II municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) programs.

PG has ten years of direct experience conducting MS4 audits in Arizona. This includes MS4 audits of many of the state’s Phase I programs and numerous Phase II programs. The most recent audit locations included Yuma County, South Tucson, Youngtown, the city of Chandler and the city of Gilbert. Several non-traditional small MS4s including The University of Arizona and Arizona State University were also assessed.

Water Innovation and Technology Support

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Services: Regulatory and Policy Analysis

Since 2012, PG has provided support for EPA’s Office of Water (OW) in its efforts to catalyze support for innovation and technology to ensure the sustainability of our water resources. PG provided critical support to develop multiple public documents, including EPA’s  Promoting Technology Innovation for Clean and Safe Water, Water Technology Innovation Blueprint—Version 2, which framed the business case for water innovation and technology and identified 10 Market Opportunities where new tools and approaches could create economic and environmental wins. Under this task, PG has collaborated with multiple EPA offices, federal and state entities, and water sector non-profits (e.g., EPA ORD, DOE, WEF, WE&RF) on policy and implementation issues surrounding water innovation and technology. PG eagerly continues this support for EPA with a focus on issues such as resource recovery, technology testing and verification programs, water reuse, and advanced monitoring.

NPDES Nutrient Analysis and Implementation Support

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and States

Services: Regulatory and Policy Analysis

PG has provided EPA Regions and States with support in the research, development, and implementation of programs and procedures for managing nutrient pollution to ensure the sustainable health of our waters. PG provides critical support to regulatory agencies managing nutrient pollution in terms of regulatory development and NPDES program implementations. For example, PG has assisted the State of Hawaii in developing practices and procedures for implementing nutrient criteria in NPDES permits; assisted the Commonwealth of Virginia in reviewing nutrient control implementation plans for Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s); and supported EPA Region 3 in conducting audits of NPDES watershed-based nutrient credit trading program participants. In addition to regulatory development and implementation support, PG has provided critical support to EPA’s Office of Water (OW) in the development of research reports, such as A Compilation of Cost Data Associated with the Impacts and Control of Nutrient Pollution which serves as an important reference for regulators and the public when assessing the costs associated with nutrient pollution. PG has also supported modeling and analysis tasks for assessing nutrient loads and developing protective nutrient water column targets in Massachusetts’s Mystic River watershed and Michigan’s Saginaw Bay watershed, and the development a national survey of municipal wastewater plant nutrient treatment capabilities.

NPDES Compliance Support in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and States

Services: Compliance

PG has provided EPA Region 3, as well as its member states, with support for a variety of NPDES compliance tasks occurring throughout the Chesapeake Bay region. PG has been instrumental in performing routine evaluations, providing support for case development, and conducting compliance-related training and outreach activities targeted at Federal, state, and local entities. Specifically, PG has conducted numerous evaluations of municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s), wastewater treatment facilities, combined and separate sewer collection systems (including combined and separate sewer overflow (CSO and SSO) assessments), construction and industrial dischargers, and state and federally-owned facilities covered under NPDES permits. PG has aided EPA Region 3 in conducting baseline assessments of the NPDES stormwater programs in each of the region’s five member states, as well as spear-headed an effort to identify potential NPDES permit non-filers in the District of Columbia. In addition to field compliance work, PG has helped EPA Region 3 and the Department of Justice (DOJ) develop and pursue enforcement cases against some of the most prominent dischargers to the Chesapeake Bay. Further, PG has worked collaboratively with both EPA and the states to develop and conduct training sessions to educate staff on how to evaluate NPDES compliance, as well as inform local municipalities and dischargers on ways to achieve success in NPDES program implementation.

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We work exclusively with federal and state agencies tasked with protecting and restoring our nation’s water resources. That’s it. We stay focused on water quality and do not work for the private sector. Our unyielding commitment to working exclusively for our regulatory partners and constantly striving to provide the highest-quality work in the business are reflected in our governing philosophy: Be a good person, and do good work.

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    Being privately owned, we focus on our customers (not on shareholders) and that keeps our rates where we want them: highly competitive.

Our Team

Our employees are professionals, dedicated to supporting federal and state environmental protection agencies.

Wesley Ganter


Protecting and restoring water quality has been Wesley Ganter’s career-long mission. For more than 20 years, he has specialized in Clean Water Act implementation, compliance, and enforcement work for federal and state agencies. He has extensive experience developing targeting programs and innovative data capture and analysis methods; conducting routine and event-driven NPDES inspections; mobilizing, training, and managing NPDES inspection teams that have cumulatively conducted thousands of inspections throughout the U.S. and U.S territories; and overseeing municipal stormwater programs.

Since cofounding PG Environmental in 2005 (with Jim Parker, recently retired), he has led PG’s compliance and enforcement practice and managed numerous prime contracts with federal and state agencies. Mr. Ganter’s sole support of federal and state agencies throughout his career likely makes him unique in the water quality enforcement field. He has provided enforcement and litigation support for wastewater, stormwater, sewer system, and jurisdictional water cases, and has facilitated resolution of some of the largest water infrastructure issues in the country.

An accomplished public speaker and trainer, Mr. Ganter has led countless training programs and presents often at professional conferences. He has B.A. degrees in environmental conservation and economics from the University of Colorado.

Dan Connally

Virginia Operations Manager and Senior Permit Writer

Dan Connally has 15 years of experience in the NPDES permit development and the enforcement Clean Water Act (CWA) regulations. Mr. Connally currently manages PG Environmental’s NPDES permit support for EPA Region 9 and provides technical, managerial, and financial leadership and oversight. Throughout his career he has provided NPDES permit support to the U.S. EPA, the States of California, Hawaii, and Alaska, as well as the U.S. territories of Guam and Northern Marianas Islands. Mr. Connally has personally been involved in the development of over 250 municipal and industrial NPDES permits, and been part of a permitting team that has assisted with the development of nearly 1,000 NPDES permits. For the past several years, Mr. Connally has worked closely with EPA and State clients to implement EPA’s new test of significant toxicity (TST) for whole effluent toxicity within NPDES permits. He also serves as an NPDES compliance inspector and has direct experience evaluating wastewater treatment, wastewater control measures, and best management practices. He has authored numerous complex permits for the discharge of industrial storm water, municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s), and wastewater that have required the application of unique and technologically innovative operational and treatment controls. In addition, Mr. Connally has extensive experience conducting storm water inspections, sanitary sewer overflow inspections, and MS4 inspections.

Bobby Jacobsen

Colorado Operations Manager and Environmental Scientist

Bobby has been with PG since 2008 and has dedicated the majority of his professional career to supporting EPA and other state and federal partners to help protect and restore our nation’s water resources. He has performed array of environmental compliance evaluations across all 10 EPA regions, supported enforcement case development activities, conducted policy and regulatory analysis, coordinated and facilitated training for federal, state and municipal staff, and currently supports other wide-reaching efforts related to water technology innovation. Through these efforts, Bobby has developed a strong working knowledge of multiple national water quality programs and their implementation throughout the country. In addition, he is an experienced project and contract manager, and provides significant support for PG’s operations. Bobby is passionate about our natural environment and enjoys just about any water-related sport or activity—swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, tubing…you name it!

Audrey Signorelli

Team Leader, NPDES Program Implementation

Ms. Signorelli has over 10 years of NPDES program implementation experience, including support for NPDES permit development and policy and regulatory development.  Under contract to USEPA Region 9, she has provided support for the development of over 150 individual and general NPDES permits in California and Hawaii.   As a component of  that ongoing support, Ms. Signorelli regularly provides technical reviews of special studies for accuracy and consistency with state and federal guidance and regulations.  Ms. Signorelli also has experience implementing TMDLs, water quality trading programs, and the Test of Significant Toxicity approach in NPDES permits.  Highlights of Ms. Signorelli’s policy and regulatory development support include leading PG’s support on the 2016 NPDES Application and Program Updates rule for OWM; conducting a literature review and development of a tool to assist NPDES permit writers implementing ELGs for the Agriculture and Wildlife Use Subcategory of the Oil and Gas Extraction Category for OW; technical support for the 2014 Sufficiently Sensitive Method rule for OWM; and leading development of two case studies and a white paper evaluating the use of asset management for collection systems and MS4s for OW and USEPA Region 9.

Danny head shot

Danny O’Connell

Licensed POTW Operator, CWA and SDWA Compliance Specialist

Mr. O’Connell has 34 years of experience in the design, development, implementation, administration and evaluation of POTW compliance and industrial pretreatment programs.  Prior to working for PG Environmental, Mr. O’Connell worked for consulting engineers, the City of Houston’s Wastewater Division, the Texas Department of Water Resources, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, an international private water/wastewater company, United Water, and as a consultant to the EPA.  Mr. O’Connell has extensive experience in coordinating and managing detailed evaluations of POTW activities associated with the operation and maintenance of their collection and treatment systems as well as compliance monitoring for both the POTW and their industrial users.  He has developed and implemented a number of environmental programs across the nation.  These environmental program activities included the development and administration of training; SOP development; surveys; site inspections; monitoring of industrial wastewaters; analyzing data; estimating capital, operation, and maintenance costs of wastewater treatment; and assessing best management practices and pollution prevention approaches and technologies.  Mr. O’Connell is an EPA credentialed CWA and SDWA Inspector. He currently manages the daily operations associated with the NPDES compliance activities performed by the PG Golden office.

Mary Welch

Team Leader, NPDES Program Implementation

Ms. Welch has 17 years of experience in the NPDES and other U.S. EPA programs supporting various projects for clients, including the EPA and Department of Defense (DOD).  She has developed NPDES permits, conducted inspections, supported regulatory development for the storm water program, and performed special studies in the water quality field.  Her experiences include Toxicity Reduction Evaluations, terrestrial and aquatic impact analyses, and conducting cost estimates to support the Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative. Under contract to EPA Region 9, Ms. Welch developed and provided oversight of 50 NPDES permit packages for the State of California. The Region 9 permits involved permitting issues such as implementation of TMDLs, variances, desalination discharges, and intake credits. Ms. Welch offered EPA Technical Support for the Office of Wastewater Management Permits Division by performing Permit Quality Reviews and by developing Water Quality Assessment packages for the State of Colorado.  This process involved calculating preliminary effluent limitations for wastewater discharges and evaluating potential antidegradation issues. Through extensive NPDES permitting experience, she has become knowledgeable in many water quality issues specific to western, arid states.

Matt Reusswig

Civil Engineer, Permitting Tools, Analysis, and Cost Estimation

Mr. Reusswig is an Environmental Engineer with an emphasis in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, water resource management, pollution prevention, and ecological restoration. He is currently providing technical engineering support to the U.S. EPA Headquarters and Regions in support of the development of NPDES permits. Mr. Reusswig has supported U.S. EPA in developing a cost-benefit analysis of proposed human-health criteria for the State of Washington, and supported the development of a nation-wide cost-analysis. Other specific projects to which Mr. Reusswig has contributed expertise include the development of a preliminary treatment alternatives analysis for the southwestern region of Guam which includes the communities of Agat, Merizo, and Umatac; the development of cost estimates to a redevelopment of the Guam potable water system; and a technical review of a cost analysis for a proposed treatment system upgrade to the City of Sacramento’s wastewater treatment plant.

Jared Richardson

Team Leader, Oil and Gas, CAFO, and OPA Support

Mr. Richardson is a Compliance Specialist, Certified Erosion, Sediment and Storm Water Inspector™ (CESSWI™), 40-Hour Certified in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, and a U.S. EPA Credentialed Inspector with over 16 years of experience in the environmental consulting, water resources, and construction quality assurance disciplines. Throughout his career, he has managed small to large complex projects and provided support to private, public, and regulatory sector clients in various technical, compliance, enforcement, expert witness, and training support roles. He has experience conducting routine and event-driven inspections and audits of oil and gas facilities, wastewater facilities, industrial, construction, and municipal storm water, and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in various regions of the United States. Mr. Richardson also has managed and trained project teams and inspectors, lead and supported technical and cost proposals and responses, and managed multi-year contracts ranging from $10,000 to $1 million per year to ensure efficient use of project resources and staff for an array of technical tasks.
He enjoys working with such a diverse and accomplished group of staff at PG Environmental and strives to provide the highest customer satisfaction by being responsive to client’s changing needs and priorities. In his spare time, when he is not doing his part at protecting our nation’s water resources, Jared enjoys spending time in the outdoors hiking, biking, and skiing in the mountains of Colorado where he lives.

James Ashby

Team Leader, IT and GIS

Mr. Ashby is an experienced compliance specialist, senior environmental scientist, cartographer, and computer specialist. He has worked for PG Environmental since 2008 both leading and supporting a variety of Clean Water Act (CWA) NPDES compliance evaluations, investigations, and litigation support efforts. Mr. Ashby is well-versed at working in the field with permitees and representatives from U.S. EPA and State-level environmental departments. As well, he is an experienced technical writer and researcher, focused on providing functional work products in a timely manner that fit the budget and needs of the client. Mr. Ashby is a capable environmental scientist and has extensive on the job experience in wetlands assessment and restoration, and drinking, storm water, and waste water field sampling and laboratory analyses. In addition to his compliance and environmental roles, Mr. Ashby is the primary provider of geographic information systems (GIS) and cartographic needs for PG, including advanced spatial analyses, workflows, and automation. He is skilled with major cartographic software, such as ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop 10.2, and in addition has experience with ArcGIS Server 10.2 and developing Java-based web mapping applications

Ann LaDuca

Senior Environmental Scientist

Ms. LaDuca is an environmental scientist with 16 years of NPDES program implementation experience. She joined PG in November, 2016. Prior to her career with PG, Ms. LaDuca provided technical and project management support to federal clients in the areas of NPDES permit development, permit quality reviews, and compliance evaluations. Ms. LaDuca has provided support for the development of over 180 individual and general NPDES permits in California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Puerto Rico. In addition, Ms. LaDuca supported EPA Region 9 with permit coding and data entry for the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) and previously performed training for State staff on the California Integrated Water Quality System (CIWQS). Ms. LaDuca supported EPA’s Office of Wastewater Management (OWM) conducting NPDES permit quality reviews. Ms. LaDuca has also supported Pretreatment Compliance Audits (PCAs) and Pretreatment Compliance Inspections (PCIs) for California while under contract with EPA Region 9 and for Pennsylvania through EPA OWM and Region 3. Ms. LaDuca has also supported NPDES permit compliance evaluation inspections in California.

Kort Kirkeby

Team Leader, Ecological Services

Mr. Kirkeby is an aquatic biologist with experience through field projects involving Fisheries, Wetlands, Aquatic Biomonitoring, Intermittent and Perennial Stream Determinations, Macroinvertebrates, MesoHABSIM Aquatic Habitat Mapping, ArcGIS Mapping, Wetland Restoration/Mitigation, Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse, Southwestern willow flycatcher, Nesting Raptor, T & E Species studies, and Integrated Mosquito Management. He has conducted numerous fish surveys using backpack, bank, and boat electrofishing; snorkeling; gill netting; resistance board fish weir construction, operation, and underwater videography; aerial salmon surveys; fyke netting; radio telemetry; fish tissue metals analysis; larval fish trap netting; and others. Additionally, Mr. Kirkeby has over 1,500 hours of electrofishing experience and has successfully worked with numerous state and federally threatened and endangered fish species as well as fish species of special concern. He was the field crew leader responsible for a team assessing 51 stream sites in Colorado and Wyoming as a part of the National Rivers and Streams Assessment.

Jason Rose

Senior Environmental Scientist

Since joining PG in November, 2014, Mr. Jason Rose has provided expert witness support to DOJ for several CWA cases. He has supported OECA and DOJ on several enforcement cases and is currently providing expert witness support in the matter of U.S. v. Houston, TX, U.S. v Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S. v. Churchill Downs, Louisiana, and U.S. v. Duke Energy. In addition to the USEPA/DOJ support, Jason has performed Compliance and Enforcement Inspections and written subsequent Inspection Reports for EPA Regions 1, 3, and 9.
In his work experience prior to coming to PG Environmental, Mr. Rose has over 17 years of experience as a hydrogeologist, managing and performing baseline hydrogeology studies for mining companies, constructing and running groundwater models, and performing environmental site assessments.  Mr. Rose is a Colorado School of Mines graduate with a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

Julie Leatherman

Controller and Human Resources Manager

Julie joined PG with a solid twenty-five year track record of financial responsibilities, documented savings, and special recognition in government contracting and commercial environments. She has extensive experience utilizing Deltek government contract accounting software.

Prior to joining PG Julie was the Vice President & CFO of EWA Services, Inc. Her past work includes the management of all accounting functions including conception, design and production of specialized reports for top executives and in response to DCAA, bank, state, insurance, benefit and independent auditor requests. Supervision of payroll, accounts payable, invoicing, human resources and contract functions and personnel.

Pure number crunching is not her favorite. The challenge is to make all those numbers mean something to company personnel who are not accountants.  Knowing, understanding and sharing how a change in one area has an impact on all the other administrative areas is critical.

When not working, Julie spends her time working extensively with the nonprofit H-E-A-R-T, Hope Exists After Rape Trauma.  As a victim, her passion of helping other victims through H-E-A-R-T’s victim-to-victim retreats has a strong hold on her heart.  The opportunity to provide guidance, coaching, teaching, support and understanding to other victims is an honor.

Steve Watkins

Senior Contracts Manager

Steve Watkins joined PG on October 26, 2015 and serves as Sr. Contracts Manager.  Steve brings 28+ years of experience in Global Contract & Supply Chain Management (SCM) related to support of Large U.S. Government Programs as well as Commercial projects. He has extensive international experience working throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, Southern Asia and Canada.

Steve comes to PG having served as an Executive Consultant of Contracts & Supply Chain Management leading large multi-functional SCM team that sourced, negotiated, awarded, and managed $2B+ in contract awards in support of a $5B dollar Engineering, Procure and Construction Management program in Saskatchewan, Canada. Prior to that he held positions as Global Director of Supply Chain Management for IAP Worldwide Services. He also held a title of Director of Procurement & Business Management at The Shaw Group supporting multiple U.S. Government contracting efforts and Director of Contracts & Procurement at AECOM where he supported a large international contract with The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Housing and Infrastructure Board where it launched one of the largest public infrastructure investment programs in the world – a US$60-billion program to improve/build housing, roads, bridges, water and utilities.

Mr. Watkins possesses a Master of Science degree in Operations Management from The University of Arkansas and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Excelsior College.

Tom Rowlett

Senior Civil Engineer, Sanitary Sewer and Green Infrastructure Implementation

Mr. Rowlett has over 40 years of experience in civil/sanitary engineering, and is recognized both region­ally and nationally for his expertise in sewer rehabilitation. He has supported OECA and DOJ and is currently providing expert witness support in several enforcement cases. Mr. Rowlett has expertise in the following areas: computerized hydraulic modeling; design of storm, sanitary, and combined sewers; soft-ground and rock tunneling; combined-sewer runoff control systems; SSO/CSO control systems; combined-sewer overflow analysis; facilities planning; municipal wastewater treatment planning and design; and value engineering (VE). Previous to his employment with PG Environmental, Mr. Rowlett was most recently responsible for managing large dollar value munici­pal civil and sanitary engineering projects. He has worked closely with the United States Department of Justice offering technical assistance and with the United States Environmental Protection Agency assisting in the review of construction cost estimates for a series of alternatives for capture of CSOs incorporating both conventional and high-rate treatment of captured combined flows. Mr. Rowlett offers Technical Expertise to assist USEPA and NAVFAC in the development of a potable water transmission system to interconnect various existing and proposed United States Navy, Air Force and Marine installations on the Island of Guam.

Anthony D'Angelo

Environmental Scientist

Mr. D’Angelo graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies and is a credentialed USEPA CWA Inspector.  He primarily supports the NPDES program by leading NPDES compliance evaluation inspections throughout the country.  Mr. D’Angelo currently serves as project manager for NPDES inspection work performed within the state of Hawaii and has direct experience evaluating NPDES regulation compliance on the islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii.  Additionally, Mr. D’Angelo has direct experience coordinating and conducting various aquatic ecological and jurisdictional field activities through his role as field logistics coordinator, fisheries scientist, wetlands scientist, and jurisdictional survey technician. Previously, Mr. D’Angelo worked as a park ranger and natural resource technician for the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Jake Albright

Environmental Scientist

Mr. Albright is an Environmental Scientist with a B.S. in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary. He has 10 years of experience in environmental science, engineering, and compliance, with a particular focus on water quality programs, as well as infrastructure and asset management. He has extensive experience managing and supporting NPDES compliance and case support activities for EPA, DOJ, and other state and federal entities. Mr. Albright has supported activities in all 10 EPA Regions, through which he has developed a national perspective on the various programs, policies, and assets that are critical for preserving water quality. Prior to his career with PG, Mr. Albright conducted technical consulting work for a civil engineering firm specializing in post-construction stormwater BMP design and construction. He has also served as a laboratory technician in a municipal water quality lab, where he conducted water quality monitoring and testing for sanitary sewer treatment, drinking water systems, and industrial pretreatment program permittees.

Kettie Holland Rupnik

Environmental Scientist

Kettie, a James Madison University graduate, has been with PG since 2012 and has dedicated her profession to supporting EPA in protecting our nation’s water resources. She has conducted various stormwater and wastewater compliance assessments across six EPA regions and an array of states. She is a credentialed USEPA CWA Inspector and serves as project manager for Industrial Pretreatment Program Assessment Projects. She also has direct experience evaluating NPDES regulatory compliance and program development, gathering information for enforcement cases, supporting DOJ, and coordinating aquatic ecological activities through her role as a Field Logistics Coordinator. Previously, Kettie worked as an intern for the Rockingham County Erosion and Sediment Control Department and the Western Virginia Water Authority where she provided assistance testing drinking water in Southwestern Virginia.

Taylor Fontaine

Environmental Scientist

Taylor has been with PG since 2015 and the majority of his work has been associated with NPDES permit writing for EPA Region 9 in California. Taylor supports the EPA Office of Water and Their Technology Innovation Initiative, facilitating ideas for water technology innovation.  Additionally, he has provided support for the NPDES Updates Rule Comment Coding task order and the Massachusetts DEP NPDES Permit Updates. Through his PG work experience, Taylor has accrued sufficient knowledge in CWA rules and regulations and California-specific water quality criteria. Taylor graduated with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from the University of Maryland.

Tiffany Rowin

Senior Environmental Scientist

Ms. Tiffany Rowin is a Water Resource Specialist with multiple years of experience in the water resource industry and environmental compliance. She has an extensive background in project management, compliance assessment, permitting, bylaw/ordinance creation, collection system inspection and rehabilitation, and freshwater research. Since joining the PG Environmental Team, she has applied her knowledge to stormwater compliance inspections, desktop audits of stormwater programs, DOJ case support, and permit development.

Ms. Rowin is a USEPA CWA Credentialed inspector and holds degrees from the University of New Hampshire that includes a B.S. in Environmental Science: Environmental Affairs, and a M.S. in Resource Administration and Management. Additionally she studied Plant and Soil Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in order to gain her Soil Scientist Certification. Ms. Rowin has held certifications from NASSCO for PACP, MACP, LACP and OSHA-10 and was the vice-chair of the NEWEA Watershed Management Committee prior to moving to Colorado.  Ms.Rowin is a Co-Editor of the first edition of the Center for Freshwater Biology digital key: “An Image-Based Key to the Zooplankton of North America” and has presented at various conferences about watershed management, integration of LID into municipalities, and approaches to collection system rehabilitation.

Zak Maurer-Erickson

Environmental Scientist

Mr. Maurer-Erickson has field experience involving Ecological Assessments, Aquatic Resource Assessments, Stream Morphology and Habitat Classification, Fisheries, Macroinvertebrates, Watershed Mapping and Analysis, and ArcGIS Mapping. He sampled over 100 sites as a field crew leader and technician for the EPA’s National Rivers and Streams Assessment, conducting water chemistry sampling and analysis, benthic macroinvertebrate collection, fisheries surveys, collecting stream flow data, and stream morphology data collection. Mr. Maurer-Erickson was also a field crew leader for the EPA’s National Wetland Condition Assessment, sampling 68 sites and was responsible for describing soil profiles, vegetation surveys, and hydrologic assessments. Mr. Maurer-Erickson has supported EPA Region 8 with their Gold King Mine Long Term Monitoring project, collecting fish tissue samples, benthic macroinvertebrate samples, and stream morphology data in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. He has performed jurisdictional determinations and other Waters of the United States impact analyzes in Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Ohio.

Kevin Stockton

Environmental Scientist

Mr. Stockton graduated with a degree in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado. Since joining the PG Team in October 2015, Mr. Stockton has worked with the various EPA Regions, EPA Headquarters, as well as a number of State Agencies on CWA permitting, compliance, and enforcement projects. His main areas of focus are MS4 program evaluations, NPDES compliance evaluation inspections, and NPDES permit development. Mr. Stockton has a strong interest in the interplay between science and government by which water quality is improved.

Sydney Diamond

Environmental Scientist

Ms. Diamond graduated from Dickinson College with a degree in Environmental Studies and a certificate in Public Health. With PG, Ms. Diamond is an Environmental Scientist with experience in data collection and analysis, public outreach, technical writing, and ArcGIS mapping. She supported PG’s Ecological Services group in the field during the 2016 National Wetlands Conditions Assessment assessing hydrological indicators, collection of water chemistry, and collection of physical habitat data. Additionally, Ms. Diamond creates maps using ArcGIS in support of NPDES Permitting. Prior to PG, Ms. Diamond was an intern at Eastern Research Group where she conducted quality assurance reviews of data tables and edited reports for a study of the FDA’s Prescription Drug User Fee Act.

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