Photo by: K.Kirkeby - Yampa River, Colorado - NRSA 2014

We are water resource specialists

Where do you turn for technical expertise when you’re charged with protecting and restoring our nation’s valuable water resources? You turn to the team whose singular business focus is providing that support to state and federal agencies.

At PG, we’re personally and professionally committed to providing high-quality support across the water sector to yield improvements in the environment and public health. And we have a track record—and a long list of satisfied clients—to back that up.

We offer professional services in

  • NPDES Permitting

    Whether you work at the national, state, or tribal level, PG’s permitting experts can help optimize your National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting process to reduce permit backlogs and help ensure timely permit issuance.

  • Compliance

    PG’s credentialed inspectors have inspected hundreds of facilities, systems, and programs across the country. These have included combined and separate sanitary sewer systems, construction sites and industrial facilities, municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4), industrial pretreatment programs (IPP) and industrial users, and combined animal feeding operations (CAFO)—not to mention countless major and minor NPDES dischargers. From routine compliance inspections to diagnostic audits, PG stands ready to support your compliance program needs.

  • Ecological Services

    Gauging the health of our nation’s surface waters requires a diverse set of skills. PG scientists are intimately familiar with the tools and approaches to conducting water quality and ecological assessments in U.S. waters and habitats. Our team has surveyed the health of diverse aquatic systems across the country, conducted wetland delineations, jurisdictional water investigations, and developed and implemented protocols to sample and measure water quality, sediment, fish species, macroinvertebrates, and habitat in all types of ambient waters across the U.S. PG’s team also supports agencies in acquiring and/or managing laboratory support to analyze the fields samples, and then statistically analyze the resulting field data. No matter how small or large your project, our team can assist.

  • Enforcement

    With decades of real-world experience and extensive, detailed knowledge of water quality programs and their regulated communities, PG’s senior professionals are uniquely qualified to support Clean Water Act (CWA) enforcement efforts. That’s why, for a variety of complex and nationally significant cases, the U.S. EPA and the Department of Justice have frequently accessed our team to build cases, serve as expert witnesses, and support negotiations and settlement discussions. Whether you need coordinated, cross-cutting services, or expert input in specific areas such as water quality infrastructure analysis/cost estimation, field work to gather data, or monitoring or modelling to quantify water quality impacts, PG’s highly seasoned team can help.

  • Training

    Building internal capacities, knowledge, and skills—in both new and experienced agency staff—has been a key strategy for many of PG’s federal and state customers. We offer a wide range of training and knowledge transfer services to support these initiatives. For example, we design and deliver training for NPDES inspectors and permit writers; provide expert advice and curriculum development support to agencies developing in-house training programs; and create guidance and tools to support water quality professionals in doing their jobs. Whatever your need, from classroom training to webinars to field instruction and educational tool development, our team stands ready to help your team grow.

  • Regulatory & Policy Analysis

    Successful implementation of CWA programs depends on expert knowledge, assessment, and analysis to support sound regulatory and policy decision-making. For over 10 years, PG’s team has helped the U.S. EPA and states build, evolve, and refine the basis for CWA implementation. We have evaluated treatment technologies and conducted cost-benefit/regulatory impact analyses; supported development of national technology-based effluent limitations, guidelines, and standards; developed TMDL implementation tools; assessed climate change impacts; and much more. When your program needs to revise or make new policy or regulatory decisions, PG’s team stands ready to provide the expert input and analytical basis to support this work.

See some of our work

Here’s a small sample of some of the things we’ve been up to recently.

Assessing Drinking Water Safety in Native American Communities

U.S. EPA Region 9

Analyzing Economic Impact of Proposed Water Quality Regulations

U.S. EPA and Multiple States

Developing More Effective Regulations through GIS Analysis

U.S. EPA Region 9

Protecting California Coastlines from the Impacts of Offshore Drilling

U.S. EPA Region 9

Evaluating the Safety of Domestic Water Wells

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

Upgrading Water Infrastructure in Guam

U.S. EPA Region 9

EPA R3 stormwater training

Building Capacity for Stormwater Management in Communities with EPA, State, and Local Partners

U.S. EPA Region 3

Scenic plant overlook in Fort Bragg, CA.

Streamlining Clean Water Act Processes

U.S. EPA Regions and Multiple States

Danny O with the QuickView Camera controls at PVSC

Ensuring Water Quality through Environmental Inspections

U.S. EPA Regions and Multiple States

Longear Sunfish in Texas, NRSA site TXRF-003

Gauging the Health of our Nation’s Water Resources

U.S. EPA Headquarters


Enhancing Environmental Compliance in Arizona

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Fostering Innovation in the Water Sector

U.S. EPA Headquarters

Reducing Impacts from Excessive Nutrients

U.S. EPA Headquarters and States

Improving Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

U.S. EPA Headquarters and States

Helping the State of Virginia Implement the Chesapeake Bay TMDL

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Strengthening Drinking Water Protections through Water Sampling

U.S. EPA Region 9

Assessing Environmental Impacts of Development Projects

U.S. EPA Headquarters

Evaluating Integrated Stormwater Management in Seattle

Seattle Public Utilities

Improving NPDES Data Management in California

U.S. EPA Headquarters and the State of California

Providing Jurisdictional Waters Support for EPA HQ and Regions

U.S. EPA Headquarters and Regions

Reducing Pollution from Urban Stormwater Runoff

U.S. EPA Regions and Multiple States

Reviewing Public Infrastructure Funding Proposals through WIFIA

U.S. EPA Headquarters

Supporting Responsible Grant Management

U.S. EPA Headquarters and Regions

Promoting Safe Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Processes

U.S. EPA Regions and Multiple States

Bolstering Understanding of Mixing Zone Policies in EPA Region 9

U.S. EPA Regions 1 and 9

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Singular focus. Unparalleled expertise.

The best support, from a team you can trust.

We work exclusively with federal and state agencies responsible for protecting and restoring our nation’s water resources. That’s it. We stay focused on water quality and do not work for the private sector. Our unyielding commitment to working exclusively for our regulatory partners and constantly striving to provide the highest-quality service in the business are reflected in our governing philosophy: Be a good person, and do good work.

  1. Unparalleled Expertise

  2. Singular Focus

  3. Quality Products

  4. Great Rates

  1. Provide unparalleled technical expertise.

    We’re able to recruit—and keep—the highest caliber water quality specialists because they share our passion for protecting water quality.

  2. Maintain a singular business focus.

    That’s how we build—and maintain—longstanding, highly successful partnerships with our customers.

  3. Deliver the highest quality products and services.

    Every product we deliver comes with our unfailing attention to detail and commitment to technical quality.

  4. Offer great rates.

    Being privately owned, we focus on our customers (not on shareholders) and that keeps our rates where we want them: highly competitive.

Our Team

Our employees are professionals, dedicated to supporting federal and state environmental protection agencies.

Wesley Ganter


Jake Albright

Environmental Scientist

James Ashby

Team Leader, IT and GIS

Nick Berry

Environmental Scientist

Stephen Clark

Environmental Scientist

Dan Connally

Virginia Operations Manager and Senior Permit Writer

Anthony D’Angelo

Environmental Scientist

Chuck Durham

Principal Engineer and Senior Project Manager

Jennifer Ferrando

Senior Environmental Scientist

Taylor Fontaine

Environmental Scientist

Bobby Jacobsen

Colorado Operations Manager and Environmental Scientist

Sirese Jacobson

Environmental Scientist

Karishma Kibria

Water Resources Engineer

Kort Kirkeby

Team Leader, Ecological Services

Adriane Koenig

Environmental Scientist and Communications Specialist

Ann LaDuca

Senior Environmental Scientist

Barry LaFratte


Alec Lambert

Environmental Scientist

Julie Leatherman

Controller and Human Resources Manager

Zak Maurer-Erickson

Environmental Scientist

Yatasha Moore

Environmental Engineer

Collin Mummert

Environmental Scientist

Danny head shot

Danny O’Connell

Licensed POTW Operator, CWA and SDWA Compliance Specialist

Brenner Perryman

Environmental Scientist

Hilary Rains

Environmental Scientist

Matt Reusswig

Civil Engineer, Permitting Tools, Analysis, and Cost Estimation

Jared Richardson

Team Leader, Oil and Gas, CAFO, and OPA Support

Jason Rose

Senior Environmental Engineer

Tiffany Rowin

Senior Environmental Scientist

Tom Rowlett

Senior Civil Engineer, Sanitary Sewer and Green Infrastructure Implementation

Kettie Holland Rupnik

Environmental Scientist

Audrey Signorelli

Team Leader, NPDES Program Implementation

Kevin Stockton

Environmental Scientist

Sarah Torres

Environmental Scientist

Mary Welch

Team Leader, NPDES Program Implementation

Martha Williams

Contracts Manager

Contract Vehicles

PG holds numerous prime contract vehicles that make it easy for federal and state customers to access our services.

  • U.S. EPA and State Contracts

    We hold several prime contracts with U.S. EPA headquarters and regions and with state environmental protection agencies. Please contact us for details.

  • GSA Supply Schedule

    • Contract Name: FSS 899—Environmental Services
    • Contract Number: GS-10F-0210U
    • Contract Expiration: 4/20/2018

    Our contract supports Special Item Numbers 899-1 and 899-1RC: Environmental Consulting Services.

  • Subcontract Vehicles

    We have strategically partnered with a number of firms who hold prime contracts with the U.S. EPA that can also be used to access PG. Please contact us for details.

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